I use coupons, do you??

coupon2 Being a single parent and figuring out how to budget on one mediocre income has always been a struggle for me.  Some weeks I rob Peter to pay Paul just to keep the water on.  With that being said, I had to start looking into ways to help conserve what finances I had left and how to make those dollars stretch just a little bit further.  Which leads us into my use and mild obsession with coupons.  We’ve all seen or heard of  the show Extreme Couponers on TLC.  Most if not all of what you have seen here is not reality, or at least not mine.  I spend minimal hours each week cutting, trading, sorting all of the coupons that I’ve collected during the week.  I can find them just about anywhere, but my most reliable source has been family and friends that keep theirs for me.  I also print many online from various website as well as requesting them from companies directly.  Depending on what you are looking for (and what you DON’T use) you can always find someone online who is willing to do a trade.