My Adoption Story

”There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.”—Ben Williams

For quite sometime my son has been asking for a pet.  We live a fairly busy life and always seem to have something to do or somewhere to go.  The idea of a dog was extremely overwhelming.  I just knew that if Collin had the full responsibility of a pet for a few days, his outlook on the idea of a dog would drastically change.  That same week as I was trolling my cousin’s Facebook page I came across Love Me Furever rescue.  On their page are photos and descriptions of rescued pups looking for “furever” homes.  A photo immediately struck my fancy.  It was a small white, terrier breed pup with the furriest, sweetest face ever.  I got the genius idea that we could foster her for a few weeks and Collin would see that he really wasn’t up for full-time pet parenting.  Soon after, I contacted Bre Pilley who runs the rescue along with a herd of volunteers.  Sadly, the pup had found a home but there was a sibling who was in need of a home as well.


The first picture I received of my munchkin

The next afternoon we drove 30 miles down the road to pick up Brownie.

First day at home

First day at home

Eight weeks earlier  my boyfriend of 3 years stopped talking to me.  No rhyme, no reason, just stopped communicating all together.  It hadn’t always been the perfect relationship, but I felt he was perfect for me.  Needless to say, my heart was shred into a million pieces and my self-worth questioned.  Within a few days, I was completely immersed in the needs of this foster pup.  She needed love, I wanted to be needed.  We were the perfect match.  I kept telling myself not to get attached to her because she was a “project” that would soon be in a loving adoptive home.   As the days progressed, I noticed how happy she was to see me come home and just how much I thought about her when I was at work.  I knew in my heart she was meant for us.  The past 3 weeks have been wonderful.  She needed us, but I think I needed her much, much more.  Our official adoption is pending….


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